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The Bible is Not All Truth

Tertullian was a Christian apologist in the second century from North Africa.He may be best remembered for a hypothetical question that he asked in one of his writings.Apparently frustrated over the secular learning that he saw other believers pursuing, he asked, “What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem? What concord is there between the Academy and the Church?”All Christians are living out their answer to this question in their life.And unfortunately, many agree with Tertullian.

My view is that there should be no conflict between secular learning and sacred truths.However, some people view these two as separate and conflicting categories. In many cases, adopting such a view leads to general paranoia about “the world” and an anti-intellectualism among believers.There are several reasons why a Christian does not need to be intimidated or scared of “secular truth.”
The Bible is all true, but not all truth. Traditionally, Christians have affirmed that the Bible is correct in all truths…