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A More Sure Word

As a young follower of Christ I struggled to understand the relation between reason and faith.  One particularly troublesome passage was the first chapter of 2 Peter.  In this passage, Peter writes about his experience with James and John where they witnessed the transfiguration of Jesus.   Then in verse 19, he writes, “We have also a more sure word of prophecy…”
This passage seemed to teach that a Christian should trust the Bible even more than physical evidence. According to that view, Peter was essentially saying that on the one hand you have empirical proof, and on the other hand you have the Bible.  And of course, the Bible is “more sure” than even his eyewitness experience. That would mean Peter was supporting a fideistic type of faith.  However, that would violate both reason and other scriptural passages.
Recently I realized that I had completely misunderstood what Peter is saying. He is not saying that the word of prophecy was more sure than his eyewitness encounter.  He is a…

Why I (Generally) Trust the Experts

Sometimes I come across people whose views could best be described as contrarian. It seems as though they view themselves as slightly more enlightened than average and able to see through the many errors in society.Touting examples that show “the majority is not always right,” they seem to believe that being in a minority position somehow enhances their chances at being right.

This intellectual “anti-establishment” mentality is much more common than I’d like to admit. Our ongoing conversation as an American public regarding the safety and benefit of immunizations is a prime example. Large groups of people somehow feel that their doctor and the entire medical establishment are wrong to continue to demand these shots.These people believe that the risks are underrepresented and the benefit of immunization is exaggerated.
Contradicting “the experts” may give us a tremendous ego rush and sense of autonomy.And it is easy to give examples of expert opinions that are now disproven. However, he…