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Why I Read to My Kids Daily

Ever since our first child outgrew her crib, my wife and I have spent time every night reading to her before bedtime.  Now our three oldest kids all love this daily ritual.When I add up the time we’ve spent reading to our kids over the past five years, it’s a pretty substantial amount! Why do we do it?Here are several key benefits.
First, it encourages young children to read when they are older.  When children realize that reading is fun, it provides a positive reinforcement that makes it more likely for them to read when they are teenagers and adults.  There is a modeling aspect as well.  When children see their parents read, both to them and for their own benefit, they think of reading as a normal adult behavior.
Secondly, it develops children intellectually.   Many studies have shown that reading to toddlers and children increases their academic performance in a broad range of subjects.  It also develops concentration, thinking, and language skills.  Additionally, by selecting high q…