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Stay Hungry

One my goals in life is to stay hungry.No, I don’t enjoy missing a meal or not getting enough to eat.I’ve even learned not to miss lunch when I have a lot to do because I’ll normally end up scrounging around for a snack.And if I’m hungry enough, I’ll eat anything.Animal crackers, old leftovers, you name it.The only benefit of being hungry is that it focuses my mind and strengthens my will.

It is important to be hungry for things beyond food. In the area of health, relationships, finances, or professional advancement we all have a tendency to settle too soon. If good enough is below your potential to achieve, it isn’t good enough. Don’t get used to poor health, mediocre relationships, tight finances, or a boring profession if you can do something about it. But most people don’t consciously choose to live below their potential; they simply lose their hunger. Like everyone else, I struggle with the temptation to settle.However, I’ve found that there are some practices that consistently s…