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Universe on Edge

Belief in God is not based on blind faith.We are surrounded by the work of God’s creative genius.The artistic splendor and engineering precision of the universe continues to be uncovered by the advance of science.One area where this can be seen is in the exact balance of various forces in nature. Stated simply, the universe appears to be balancing on the blade of a knife.We simply could not exist by mere chance.As scientific instruments become more precise, our awe continues to increase.

The math behind the “fine-tuning” argument for God is easy to understand.Imagine that you are going to eat lunch in a cafeteria.After grabbing a plate, you walk over to a row of food that contains four entrees.When the staff behind the counter asks what you want to eat, you just shrug and tell her to pick for you.All things being equal, you have a ¼ chance of getting your favorite dish.If there are four options for sides and four beverages as well, you would randomly have a ¼ chance of getting your fav…