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Leveraging the Compound Factor

It is never encouraging when a problem is compounded by other factors.  This typically means an issue has become more difficult to manage.  In other words, when something compounds, it grows in size or significance.  Compounding is always at work creating inertia in various areas of our lives.  Sometimes compounding reaches a point of critical mass where a system maintains or increases momentum without the any additional energy.  By the time the full effects of compounding are seen, you can be sure that momentum has been building over a long period of time.   
In fact, most aspects of life will compound over time.  Sometimes the change is so slow that it is difficult to recognize.  However, it is important to realize that, like gravity, this law is always working in the background.  Constant habits today are creating trade winds that you will be sailing with in the future.  This is even true with small, regular routines.  Compulsively checking social media, weekly calls to a family mem…